Quick List of Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popoular GNU/Linux distrbution with millions of active users. Being popular also means that, there are a lot of newbie users as well. Here is a quick list of things a newbie Ubuntu user should knew. This is a small step towards creating  a comprehensive Ubuntu Manual.

Apart from being the popular distro among new comers, ubuntu is slowly becoming the favourite among advanced users as well. Ubuntu recently opened up its bug tracking system called Launchpad, which is Canonical’s first major contribution to the open source community. Now let’s see what all a newbie should do to make the Ubuntu system work post installation.

Must do stuff

  • Make sure that your Internet Connection is active. Now go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and Click Reload.
  • You need to install the following packages now. First, Goto System > Administration>Synaptic Package Manager. Search for the following packages.
  • Mark these packages(right click > mark) and then Click Apply  to begin installation.
  • After installing restricted extras, you will be able to play music and videos and it also includes flash support for firefox.
  • To access Compiz settings you just installed, goto System > Administration > CompizConfig Settings Manager. ( For starters, Compiz is the default Window Manager for Ubuntu )

Installing Drivers

  • In most of the cases, all the Hardware is detected  automatically upon installation, including graphics card and wireless. (Especially if its Intel)
  • Now, if your hardware driver is not installed automatically, simply goto System > Administration > Hardware Drivers and simply activate the driver you need from the list.(Of Course you need an active Internet Connetion to do all these).
  • There will be instances that disagrees with both of the above cases. Such instances will have to be met individually. Leave a comment if that is the case.
  • That sums up the basic things you need to do after installing Ubuntu.

How to install software in Ubuntu

  • Software installations is one of the easiest things to do in Ubuntu. Since almost all the free softwares are available in the official repository, it is pretty much easy and also a safe option.
  • All you need to do is, simply goto System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. if you are opening Synaptic for the first time, you will have to click the Reload button on top.
  • Now if you know the name of the package(software) you want, say VLC media player for example. simply type VLC on the search box above and click search.
  • If you need to search a more generic topic, say Multimedia for example, just do the search as above and all the related multimedia applications will be listed.
  • Once you have finished finding the software you need, right click on the name of the software and mark it. You can mark multiple softwares for installation. After marking the softwares you need, click on the Apply button above(near te Reload button) and its done.

PS: You can also install software using Applications > Add/Remove and also by downloading .deb packages. But i recommend using Synaptic instead.

Software you may want to install

  • For installing ANYTHING in Ubuntu, Goto System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. Mark the packages you like and install it , as simple as that. Here is a list a softwares you may want to install. Simply search for them in Synaptic.


  • Smplayer – Ultimate movie player in Linux.
  • VLC – Multimedia Player and Streamer.
  • XBMC – Media Center, much acclaimed
  • Boxee – Social Media Center
  • Amarok – A must for media buffs.

Disc Burning Tool

  • K3B – The best CD/DVD burning tool you could get.

Chat Client

  • Skype – IM client.( Pidgin is installed by default, with lots of plugins and even Yahoo emoticons )
  • Kopete – Instant messenger supporting a lot of protocols.


  • Eclipse – Open Source IDE
  • Blender – Open Source 3D content creation suite.


  • Gparted – Partition Editor        
  • Eyecandy Themes

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