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Adobe’s 64 bit Flash 11 for Linux too

Ever since the dawn of 64 Bit technology in computers people wanted everything to be 64 Bit. It was proven that a 64 Bit system would create fewer bottlenecks and deliver better performance than a 32 Bit variant. Adobe has realised this problem faced by browsers and began developing a plug-in for its Flash player. They have come out with the solution in the correct time and released the first Beta version of the Flash 11. The Beta version incorporates major upgrades in configurations and support for the widely acclaimed and feature rich media browser plug-in.

The best part of this upgrade is that the new version will also feature the availability of 64 Bit browser support for all OS based on Windows, Linux and Apples iOS.

The move is regarded as a major stepping stone in the history of Adobe. The company had begun research in a 64 Bit variant of the Flash player since 2008 and they hoped to develop a working prototype for all major desktop and computing platforms. Company had to render importance to other areas like developing and improving flash performance in Mobile platforms and also planned improvisations in Mobile technologies. This diversion in company’s interests resulted in the 64 Bit ideology to head towards extinction.

Around a year ago Adobe decided to drop the 64 Bit Flash plug-in developed on an experimental basis. Many people who were hoping to see a 64 Bit upgrade was disappointed by the move and the current release of Flash 11 will surely win back their hearts.

The problem of 64 Bit support was very intense in Linux as users had to rely on weak plug-ins like NS Plug-in Wrapper to allow the usage of 32 Bit Flash Plug-in in a 64 Bit Web Browser. And because of native 64 Bit support the new Flash 11 plug-in can be easily used in Linux distributions for providing seamless online multimedia experience.

The other significant additions in the Flash 11 Beta are the new Stage 3D API and better encoding for high definition h 264 content, that enables faster video chatting with better quality on PC’s equipped with HD Webcams.

Adobe has stated that full functionality of the Plug-in can only be experienced in the full version that will be out soon.

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