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10 Games That You Must Have in Ubuntu

Whatever be the specification of the Ubuntu OS, in the end it is indeed an OS which has to compete with the likes of premium variants like Windows and Mac OS. SO it has to be strong on all corners. PC Gaming has always been the bread and butter of youngsters far and wide across the globe and no matter what the OS, gaming enthusiasts wanted their computers to run virtually any game that can be found today. But Ubuntu isn’t far behind Windows or Mac in terms of providing a mouth watering gaming experience. There are some exciting and totally cool games that are compatible with the Ubuntu OS. So let us take some time to check out the coolest, meanest and most sought out games in Ubuntu.

Gaming in any form is always an adrenaline rush for the stronger sex. Ever since the first form of computer games came into existence, it has captured the imagination of millions worldwide. What started off from the likes of Mario and Dave has given way to the highly sophisticated and graphically insane games of today. Games are of several categories that include Action, Racing, Arcade, Mystery, Simple Puzzles and Riddles, etc. The list of categories just doesn’t seem to end. High end and graphically heavy games are normally reserved for the Big Boys.

So if you are a hardcore gaming enthusiast then you have no need to switch over to Windows from Ubuntu just because you feel that Ubuntu does not offer good gaming support, as today there are numerous high end and sophisticated games which have Ubuntu compatible versions available. So here are our top picks from that lot.  

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

It is a mystery themed game wherein the gamer is made to choose the character of Daniel who is a young boy who remembers nothing but his name. The game is all about how he finds out the truth about his life based on a series of clues and puzzles that the gamer must solve. The 3D rendering and graphics are absolutely fantastic and so is the flow of the game. It is a paid game but you can try out the demo version!!


It is a strategy game wherein the goal is to survive the attack of the enemy as well as protect the base of operation. The Spawn which resuscitates players after they are deceased due to enemy attacks plays an important part in the game. The graphics is superb but the audio quality is not up to the mark.

Slam Soccer

It is a fun game which revolves around the football ground wherein players have the ability to assault their opponents physically. It has minimal graphics but is very interesting and enjoyable to play.

Urban Terror

It is tactical game wherein gamers have to play a series of missions and thereby kill deadly terrorists. It is backed by a good graphics and audio support. It is basically a shooting game

Savage 2

It is a role based game wherein user is made to walk in the shoes of several roles to perform their respective functionalities and thus complete tasks to finally win the game.


It is a simple bike racing game that does not have high graphical support but is fun to play and keeps the user glued to the game throughout.

Flight Gear

It is a simulation game wherein the gamer uses his skills to guide an aircraft during its landing and takeoff. High end graphics and stunning 3D effects are the notable aspects of this game.

Warzone 2100

It is a hybrid Tactical cum Strategic game which is highly exciting to play. Though the graphics might look childish, the game is very complicated and exciting to play.


It is a real time strategy game having a 3D interface. Here players have to play in multiple roles to accomplish several strategic tasks.


It is a 3D strategy shooting game which is supported by stunning visuals and background effects. The game is all about completing a series of life saving missions while killing enemy reinforcements that will come in the way.

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